Workshop Agenda

Draft Agenda

OCB Scoping Workshop on GBF-OOI

(Global Biogeochemical Fluxes Program for

The Ocean Observatories Initiative)

May 23 – 25, 2011
Clark Laboratory Rm #507, Quissett Campus
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


08:00   Registration & Continental Breakfast

08:30  Workshop Introduction: Goals and Format [T. Eglinton] (.pdf | .mov .wmv)

08:50  Plenary 1:  Scientific objectives and observational priorities of a GBF Program (Co-Chairs: K. Daly and C. Benitez-Nelson)

08:55  GBF-OOI Overview: Rationale, Objectives, and Design (S. Honjo) (.pdf .mov | .wmv)

09:25  Primary Productivity in a Changing Ocean (F. Chavez)  (.pdf | .mov | .wmv)

09:50  Dissolved Organic Carbon in Ocean Export Production (D. Hansell) ( | .wmv)

10:15   Coffee break

10:30  Ocean Twilight Zone (C. Benitez-Nelson)  (.pdf | .mov | .wmv)

10:55  Ocean Margins:  Production, Flux and Remineralization of Particulate Organic Matter  (R. Thunell)  (.pdf | .mov | .wmv)

11:20  The Role of Deep Ocean Processes in Global Biogeochemical Cycles (C. German & A. Boetius)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv


11:45  Community Discussion

12:15   Lunch


13:00  Plenary 2: Assessing Primary Productivity and Biogeochemical Fluxes (Chair: A. Bracher)

13:10  Integrating Remotely Sensed and Direct Observations of Surface Ocean Productivity and the Biological Pump (J. Yoder and M. Behrenfeld)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

13:35  Measurement Strategies to Inform Global Ocean Biogeochemical General Circulation Models and Vice Versa (JDunne)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

14:00  Oceanic Molecular Biological Models (M. Saito)  (.pdf .mov .wmv

14:25  Community discussion

15:05   Coffee Break

15:20  Plenary 3: The OOI and Prospects for a GBF Program (Chair: C. Pilskaln)

15:25  OOI Elements and Technological Capabilities: Biogeochemical Cycles and Fluxes (K. Daly)  (.pdf | .mov | .wmv)

16:00  OOI Cyberinfrastructure: Data Acquisition, Synthesis, Broader Impacts and Public Outreach (Oscar Schofield)  (.pdf .mov .wmv)  

16:30  Community Discussion 

17:00  Reception & Poster Session

18:00  Dinner and Distinguished Lecture  (J. Delaney)

Tuesday A.M.

08:00   Continental Breakfast

08:30  Plenary 4:  GBF-OOI Technology (A. Aubrey)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

08:35  GBF-OOI Technology: Platforms, Sensors and Samplers (S. Honjo)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

09:05  In Situ Measurements of Surface Ocean Productivity (C. Taylor)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

09:30  Fast Repetition Rate Flourometry (Z. Kolber)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

10:05   09:55 Coffee Break

10:15  Bio-optical Technologies (H. Sosik)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

10:40  Imaging Technology for Water Column Observations (M. Benfield) (.pdf .mov | .wmv

11:05  Ecogenomic Sensors (C. Scholin)  (.pdf .mov | .wmv

11:30  Community Discussion 

12:00 Charge to Breakout Groups 

12:10   Lunch

Tuesday P.M. 

13:00  Breakout Session 1: How can the current and proposed observatories be optimized to improve our understanding of the global carbon cycle and our capacity for predicting global environmental change? 

14:30   Coffee Break

15:00  Breakout Session 1 Reporting

15:30  Breakout Session 2: How can the proposed GBF Ocean Observatory be best utilized to further your specific research goals? How would such advancement at the level of individual research projects contribute to the improved understanding of global carbon flux, the overarching goal of the GBF-OOI?

17:00 Reception & Poster Session

Wednesday A.M.

 08:00   Continental Breakfast (Steering Committee meets in Rm. 509)

08:30  Breakout Session 2 Reporting

09:00  Synthesis of Day 2 Discussions

09:15  Charge to Breakout Session 3:  Synthesis, Integration and Public Engagement

09:30  Breakout Session 3

11:00  Coffee Break

11:15  Breakout Session 3 Reporting

11:30  Wrap-Up and Discussion of Next Steps

12:00   Boxed Lunch and Adjourn

13:00 - 15:00 GBF-OOI Scientific Steering Committee Meeting


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